Sameh Khafagy (Born November 11, 1982) at Kuwait city, Sam is a self-taught
Egyptian modern artist, he has been working as a graphic designer then an
art director for more than 12 years in many advertising agencies .. Sam is a
modern arabic calligrapher with a unique blend of traditional and digitally
generated art, he is passionate about branding, typography, calligraphy and
mixed arts.

Sam started his career as a freelance graphic designer since 2004 trying to improve
his talent and satisfy his passion in graphic design .. On March 2006 he Joined
MAGENTA” a branding agency as a graphic designer and left his position
on June 2007 to join “Van Gogh” an advertising agency as a senior graphic
designer, after a year and half he became an art director at the same agency
till he joined “Lee Brown - Part of HAVAS World Wide” on April 2010 as an art
director .. On May 2017 he joined "Advantage" marketing & advertising agency as a senior art director.